A quick overview

I’ll introduce myself quickly. I’m Joseph Bass, and I am the project manager from Hatfield Taylor Co. I’m helping with Capitol Oyster Bar’s Web Campaign. You may have noticed the new website, and a few other changes we have made so far.

From what I am told, Capitol Oyster Bar has the most loyal customers of any establishment in this city. After downloading over 3,000 photos, and re-uploading them into the new platform (flickr), I can definitely see that this is true. I saw the same faces, many, at every single event (*cough*, *cough*, Jimmy Brooks). This is a rarity, and any business would be lucky to have this type of support, and they definitely know it.

So here is what I would like to do. I’d like to ask for your help in promoting Capitol Oyster Bar by helping us share it with those around you. There are a lot of people in this town who are missing out because they have never experienced this place. There are several very quick and easy ways to do this. You are already on the internet, and if you use Facebook, you can figure out any of the following services. Here it goes:



Yelp is a business finder that uses people’s GPS on their mobile devices (also on your desktop) to help them find a great place to have dinner, hang out, etc. The reason Yelp is so important is because many of the mobile apps and websites today use Yelp as a way to pull information about local businesses.

Note: To be clear, we are NOT asking you to rate Capitol Oyster Bar 5 stars (if you believe it deserves 5 stars, great, but if it deserves 3 stars in your opinion, 3 stars it is). In fact, we are not even going to ask you to review us on Yelp at all (we won’t discourage it either). We just want you to know about a cool service. Be honest about your experiences as this is what makes Yelp such a cool service.

Here is the link to Capitol Oyster Bar’s Yelp page. Click Here.

Yelp for iPhone | Yelp for Android | Yelp for Blackberry | Yelp for Windows Mobile



Foursquare has in the past been known as a platform that mostly young people use. However, recently more people of all ages have begun using Foursquare and it has become a very important way to promote a business. It also checks a person’s GPS on their mobile device and allows them to “Check In” at a location. When you check in, your friends will see it, and again, you will give Capitol Oyster Bar more exposure. If you connect Foursquare to your Facebook, that is even more exposure.

Here is the link to Capitol Oyster Bar’s Foursquare page. Don’t forget to download the app on your phone so that you can check in every time you visit. Click Here.

Foursquare for iPhone | Foursquare for Android | Foursquare for Blackberry | Foursquare for Windows Mobile



MONGOM is actually a side project of our web development company Hatfield Taylor Co., and we started it because all of the event websites in Montgomery stunk. It’s simple, and only events in Montgomery are listed. We have integrated MONGOM into Capitol Oyster Bar’s Entertainment page on their new website. You can click on “More Info” on any Artist that will be playing at Capitol Oyster Bar, and it will take you to a more detailed description of the Artist. There is a “social bar” under these events. Make sure you share these events on Facebook and/or Twitter to bring attention to the amazing acts that ONLY Capitol Oyster Bar is bringing to Montgomery.



I’m sure most of you are already using Facebook, and by the looks of the Facebook Page, it is in great condition and doesn’t need much help. Keep up the great work on Facebook and always remember to “Check In”.


So that’s it! If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to check out Yelp, and check-in on Foursquare, that would help out big time. Thanks for your amazing support, and for sharing this place with people like me…the newbies.

Thanks again,

Joseph Bass
Project Manager/Founder
Hatfield Taylor Co.